Only 24 hours to get @dianefu’s Faults & Fixes Bundle at the introductory price - 25% off! This is as close as it getting coaching with me in person to help you clean up your lifts!  Link is in my bio.

This comes with FOUR plans to teach you footwork, jerk footwork, extension, and finishing, the four keys to developing strong and efficient lifts. If you’ve been working through my Olympic-Style Weightlifting bundle, this is perfect for you as this bundle will place emphasis on developing good positions, speed, and technique for those lifts.

Another shot from yesterday with @dylanwerneryoga and @patrickbeach. #matchmadeinheaven

🎥🎥 Learn from @dylanwerneryoga and @patrickbeach at the same time!?!? Yes. Yes you can. Coming soon 😉

We’re thrilled to announce @meghancurrieyoga’s first plan with us!  Check out her…drumroll…Strength Intelligence plan!  The link is also in our bio.

Strength Intelligence is a MONTH long plan to develop strength and grace in your yoga practice.

Every day you will learn one important element of developing strength intelligence in your practice: core, flexibility, backbending and balance intelligence. At the end of every week we bring it all together with a 50 min strength intelligence practice.

Only 24 hours left to get @dylanwerneryoga’s True Strength Fundamentals training plan at the introductory price - over 30% off! link is in my bio.

Want to build strength using just your bodyweight? Do you have trouble controlling your body as you move through space? Would you like to nail advanced movements and transitions like air babies or firefly? Then this plan is for you! He built it for all levels, so even if you’re never tried yoga, or have no experience with bodyweight training, you can follow along with me as I teach you proper form, engagement, and control. Let’s get strong!

Announcing @kmaecags Beginner Strength program!  She’s been doing strength programming for years, but this is her first video-series! The link is also in our bio.

Here’s what she has to say: I’m really excited about this program because previously, all my programming has been on paper but now I’m actually going to be the one demoing everything…I’m going to show you how to squat, how to deadlift…you get to actually watch me do it rather than email communication or me just handing you some paper.

This program sticks to a classic rep schedule that will have you feeling great and seeing quick results. You should expect to see significant gains in your strength, as measured by big 5 of weightlifting: the backsquat, bench press, overhead press, barbell row and deadlift.

The magic of this program is that there is no magic. It’s very simple, it works, and it will set you up for what’s to come.

Happy Friday! Hope you have an awesome weekend of training! #codytraining #codyapp

We’re super excited to announce True Strength Fundamentals, an awesome 3 week program from @dylanwerneryoga to teach you how to become strong!! The link is also in our bio.
This plan includes over 40 movements to build incredible strength and control using just your bodyweight. You’ll be working out with @dylanwerneryoga as he teaches you to control your body as you move through space and harness all of your muscles to perform advanced movements.
You will also learn how to become flexible. To become truly strong, we need to open up flexibility while building strength and control. This is true strength, and this is what we’re going to teach you.

@mackenzieyoga’s backbend bundle is on sale for the next 48 hours!!

In this backbend series she starts from the foundations and work towards advanced backbending poses, like scorpion, and teach you how to develop your practice so that you can, step-by-step, rock these postures. Giving you as much time as you need to build the mental and physical strength and flexibility to achieve whatever you desire. Shes here to help give you the tools to do so. What do you guys think about this series? Tell us and tell @mackenzieyoga!

So excited to announce @dashamalove’s complete Yoga Detox program with three back-to-back training plans to help you drop some excess weight, lose fat, cleanse your internal organs and feel great! . Link is also in our bio.

It includes three levels for beginner, intermediate, and advanced practitioners. If taken sequentially, the three levels provide a complete 21-day practice. Also included is a green smoothy cleanse e-book to compliment this detox!